Give credit to image owners and license holders.

For image users

Did you ever forget to add the source to an image file in the frontend and the lawyer of the copyright holder knocked on your door?

The WordPress plugin Image Source Control helps to prevent this situation.

For image creators

Add sources to your images so that people know how they are protected.

If you allow others to use your image then they will correctly cite you and your license. Giving credit to who deserves it.

4 Steps to Serve Justice


Click the button below to download “Image Source Control” and click on “install”.


Go to the plugin options and choose what and how to display image sources in general.

Edit sources

Fill in the sources of your images and use ISC to complete missing credits.

Display sources

Decide where and how to display the image sources on your website.



Source list

Full source list

Show the image source as an overlay above the image itself.

Display the sources of the images on the current page.

A complete list of all sources on your website is displayed on a dedicated page.

Include links

Link to the license holder’s website.

Archive pages

Show image sources on archive pages.


Show and link to image licenses.

Static name

Show your own name as the license holder.

Hide source

Hide the source output for selected images.

Uploader name

Automatically use the username of the uploader.