Image Source Control

Give credit to image owners and license holders.

Did you ever forget to add the source to an image file in the frontend and the lawyer of the copyright holder knocked on your door?

The WordPress plugin Image Source Control (ISC) helps to prevent this situation. The plugin adds various fields to include image sources and copyright notices to images in WordPress. You can display a list of image sources with a shortcode or a function directly in your theme.


Image Source Control (ISC) helps you manage and display image sources. Take a look at the full features list below and check out the manual to learn how it works.

3 Types of source layouts

  • Full Source List

    A complete list of all image sources on your website listed on a dedicated page.
  • Source List

    Display the list of image sources on the current page.
  • Overlay

    Show the source of an image as an overlay above the image itself.

Customize the source output

Manage a global source

4 Steps to Serve Justice

Download Plugin

Go to, download “Image Source Control” and click on “install”.

Setup Plugin

Go to the Backend of your WordPress installation and set your preferences as you wish.

Edit Sources

Fill in the copyrights of your images and use ISC to complete missing credits.

Display Sources

Decide where to display the full image source list on your website.


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