Purchase and Licenses

Please also see the FAQ section under Pricing.

Can I purchase a license for a longer period?

It is possible to purchase a license for 3 years or more. The details depend on the specifics of your projects and are discussed individually. Please reach out if you are interested.

Can I pay via wire transfer?

If you intend to purchase a Small Agency license or an individual package in Euros, we can generate an invoice for you to pay via wire transfer to our bank account.

Please reach out if you are interested in this.

Can I purchase without a subscription?

Yes, this can be arranged if you purchase a larger license and pay upfront, as described above.


Which image files are detected?

Image Source Control detects any image files embedded in the HTML of your website. This includes image paths in <style> and <script> blocks.

The following image files might not be detected:

  • Background images loaded in CSS files. However, Elementor background images are detected due to a special implementation.
  • Image URLs without a file extension if they are not within a src attributes. This is extremely rare.
  • Encoded image URLs. E.g., when a lazy load plugin encodes image URLs to prevent them from loading until a certain event. A solution has to be checked individually. At the moment, I don’t know any unresolved cases.

Can I use overlays on background images?

Yes, that is possible. See Displaying Image Captions for Background Images for more information.

Due to the complexity and variety of implementations of background images, you might want to consult your web developer with testing and adjustments. Our Small Agency clients can reach out through support to get help.

Image Source Control supports background images in Elementor without known limitations.

Can I use an overlay with Sliders?

The sliders we have seen so far break when the overlay HTML is injected. This is why we’d recommend using the Per-page list to display image sources for pages with a slider on them.

Developers can try the options listed under Displaying Image Captions for Background Images to place the image source themselves. Please let us know if you find a solution for a certain slider that we can recommend to others.


If an image source overlay is placed above a background image and the background image itself is a link, the links in the overlay text are disabled. Otherwise, the HTML code and layout might break completely.


See Customizations for customizing the behavior of Image Source Control and the layout of image sources.

Common fixes

The overlay covers a fixed element

If the overlay covers a fixed element, like a fixed header, you need to reduce z-index using CSS for the overlay or increase it for the covered element. For the overlay, you can try this rule, which already reduces the default z-index: 9999.

.isc-source-text { z-index: 100 !important; }Code language: CSS (css)