Thomas Maier

Founder and CEO of webgilde GmbH, a company providing plugins and services to help publishers boost and monetize their projects.

I have been using images for my blogs and websites for years. Of course, I also conscientiously recorded the image sources. This doesn't work very user-friendly in WordPress, but it served the purpose - until I forgot one source and uploaded a picture where the photographer's lawyer was very attentive. To prevent this experience from repeating itself, I have written a plugin with which image sources can be managed and displayed more safely and easily. Meanwhile, a lot of great things can be done with it. At ISC, I am now mainly responsible for developing the plugin.

Frederik Schrader

SEO for MyHub Intranet and CEO & Co-Founder of Daikon Media, a content studio for digital content and online marketing agency.

In several editorial offices, I have seen how handling copyright laws unfortunately fell victim to the speedy day-to-day business. The Image Source Control plugin brings this important awareness back with ease and thereby creates more legal certainty. In order to make sure, that as many website operators as possible hear about it, I take care of the marketing and the website of ISC.