These improvements are in Image Source Control 2.8.0

In this post, you’ll learn all about the many improvements that Image Source Control 2.8.0 has to offer.

We are continually working on Image Source Control in order to ensure and improve the reliability and comfort of working with the plugin. We are always happy to include our customers’ mindful proposals or their requests.

After thoroughly testing it, we released version 2.8.0 of Image Source Control in late October 2022. It includes a number of improvements small and large—in particular, we have refined the Global list, as you will notice.

Allow me to present each item of the changelog individually.

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Customize the Global list without modifying the shortcode

New options for the Global list

With Image Source Control 2.8.0, we have transferred several options for the Global list which you had to register as parameters in the list’s shortcode in the past to comfortable input fields.

You will find the input fields for which images to include and for the number of entries to be displayed in the list under Settings > Image Sources > Global list.

We left the shortcode’s parameters active. If you continue to use them, they will override any input fields’ values.

Only list images with source info in the Global list

In addition to the existing two options to include either only images in the content or all images of your site, we have added a third option. Now, you may choose to list only images that have source info attached to them or that are attributed to the standard source.

This is a great way to exclude logos, decorative images—such as icons, borders, or patterned backgrounds—and favicons from the Global list.

Conceal missing thumbnails in the Global list

In rare cases, WordPress won’t create and save a preview picture when uploading an image to the media library. Image Source Control 2.8.0 now sets a generic icon as a stand-in thumbnail for these entries in the Global list.

Generic icon for images without thumbnails

List external images in the Global list with a generic icon

Just as explained for images without their own preview in the local media library, images that are located on external servers will be listed in the Global list with a generic icon as their thumbnail.

Display the Featured image’s source beneath a post excerpt block

Source info for the Featured image of a Post Excerpt block

As long as you have checked the box under Settings > Image Sources > Per-page list > Insert below excerpts, Image Source Control 2.8.0 will display the source of the Featured image that belongs to a Post excerpt block placed in a post or on a page beneath that block.

Enter the source of a Cover block’s Featured image directly in the sidebar

Since WordPress 6.0, you can set the Featured image as a Cover block’s image with a single click in that block’s toolbar. You will now find the Featured image’s source info input fields in the Cover block’s sidebar.

Manage image files without file extension

If you’ve grown up with MS-DOS and the 8.3 rule, you’ll wince at the thought of using image files without a proper file extension. Nevertheless, hosting files without file extension and referencing them via URI is valid—both technically as well as regarding conventions. WordPress also won’t keep you from uploading these files in any way.

Image Source Control 2.8.0 will identify images without file extension during indexation and will list them for source attribution. Furthermore, ISC will recognize images without a file extension on external servers and will make them available for import as usual.

Enjoy reliable positioning of the Overlay

In the past and for certain themes, there were cases of the Overlay source info having been mispositioned. We have added checks and remedies for the Overlay’s placement to ISC’s injection routines that initiate at page loading completion.

This should reliably cause the Overlay to render at the correct positions.

Display the Overlay in Divi as expected

For Image Source Control 2.8.0, in order to achieve better compatibility with the popular theme Divi, we have added CSS rules to the Overlay’s styling.

Enter image source info without disruptions

We have implemented a fix to keep the newly selected input field from losing focus—the prompt—when switching from one image source field to another. This minor inconvenience had been affecting ISC input fields in the media library’s overlay.

Preserve perfect readability when displaying links in image source info

With Image Source Control 2.8.0, only links inside the Overlay are set to white text color. For example, links beneath post excerpts on archive pages will retain the theme’s intended color.

For experienced users: Use the new filter to serve posts or pages without image source info

With the newly added filter isc_public_excluded_post_ids, you may suppress the injection of image source info into posts or pages. Take a look at the definition of the filter in the source code of ISC to learn how to use it.

For experienced users: Use the new filter to tailor the Global list to your needs

With the newly added filter isc_public_global_list_view_path, you may provide your own template for the Global list’s construction. Take a look at the definition of the filter in the source code of ISC to learn how to use it.

I hope you’ll like Image Source Control 2.8.0 and will manage image source info more conveniently and display them more in harmony with your site’s theme. If any questions should arise before or after updating, take a look at our documentation or contact us directly.

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